It had all started with one Serenity Steampunk Flask.  And I admit that there was some confusion as to the correct Serenity Chinese Character that was used.  I believe I had pulled my reference off the movie.  In any case, I no longer make that flask.  I did however branch off and offered several different designs.  They have been the pride of many Browncoats and each one that I have made has been signed, dated and numbered on the inside.

Recently a Firefly Fan was able to get his “I Aim to Misbehave” flask signed during Austin Wizard World 2017 and was kind enough to stop back by my table to allow me to take a picture of it.  I was incredibly happy and I was told that the cast were in love with the flask themselves.

If you’d like one of these Firefly Flasks made for you or a special someone you can do so here at my Etsy Shop.