Welcome Digital Traveler,

You’ve stumbled upon part of the world created by A. Layman and company. This page is merely meant to be a brief stop on your journey forward. The Studio will tell you everything you want to know about the artists, events, and behind the scenes looks. A Grimm Design is a special art project of the Studio. Above you will find the portals that will take you to your desired destinations. Below you will find some of the latest news from the studio blog.

The Redesign

The redesign is finally here and I feel I’ve got my spark back, now that A Grimm Design has officially opened for browsing. I’ll have a more dedicated post about it later. Please excuse some of the areas if they look a bit unpolished. I’m having to take care of things in small bites as I do not have very much free time on my hands working a full time job. I still need to move the gallery over to here instead of a separate blog. Also I need to read the shop back. I’ve been on the fence on if I want to use Etsy or not. Or if

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Skin Cancer Is No Joke

I spent a lot of time in the sun as a kid and a teenager….and young adult. Okay, so let says 25+ years of suntans and sunburns and that one little stint as a teenager where I tried to get that golden tan color, frying myself in the sun for skin that I hardly ever even showed. One day I noticed a funny freckle on my shoulder, it looked different than all the others. Over the next decade I would keep my eye on it, telling myself I should get it check out with a dermatologist. Even as this freckle began to change shape. When it began to erupt, causing

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Summer of 2023

It has been over three years since I have last seriously engaged with my social outlets including my websites and Etsy.  Covid certainly changed many lives and during the pandemic many many things changed.  Among health issues, a change of housing and a change of jobs, I began planning my next move with A Layman Studios.  Several years ago, I switched to using A Layman Studios, but I kept the A Grimm Design for a special line that I wanted to create. For the longest time I wanted to breathe life into this idea of mine. As the song lyrics go.  “I waited for a sunny day to launch my

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