About the Artist

A. Layman is artist located in San Marcos, currently popular for her Custom Made Flasks and Pocket Watch Cases. She works with a wide array of material and is always working to improve her skills in her fields of talent. Working in the Graphic Design field for over a decade, she currently works for a local print shop as a Graphic Designer and Print Specialist. As a mother she hopes to inspire her daughter with an entrepreneur spirit and to provide a creative environment to nurture inspiration. As a wife, the money she earns from selling her creations help provide for their family.

Recently aLayman was one of ten artist that was selected by the City of San Marcos, Texas to paint a seven foot tall Mermaid Statue.

‘A Grimm Design’ was started in April of 2011 with the desire to share a piece of imagination with the world. Having an awkward start, unsure where to fit into the steampunk universe aLayman began to venture out into odd sculptures and then into leather work. From there her skills grew until she was experimenting with new things that many around the world love the craftsmenship of her work.

Fast Forward to 2019 and ‘A Grimm Design’ has been changed to ‘aLayman Studios’ with the intent of changing ‘a Grimm Design’ into a collection line for various parts of her artwork.

aLaymanStudios specializes in custom leather flasks, pocket watch cases, other leather goods such as bags, masks, steampunk and fantasy renaissance attire. Not limited to leather medium; aLayman also makes fantasy sculptures, ooak art dolls, original fine art pieces and prints.

Within the ‘A Grimm Design’ collection you will find one-of-a-kind sculptures, exotic mystical creatures art dolls, fantasy home decor, unique wearable art in the forms of leather masks, headdresses, jewelry and more. Traveling far beyond the reaches of the imagination, collecting and creating mysterious relics, oddities, & creatures at the bottom of the universe. These sculptures have personality and each is unique and will never have a duplicate.