6oz Stainless Steel Flask with a Leather Cover Sleeve with the Survey Corps Emblem, Cadet Emblem, Garrison Emblem or Military Police Emblem tooled and sculpted into the leather. The smaller 6oz flask is ideal for Attack on Titan (進撃の巨人 Shingeki no Kyojin) Cosplayers or for keeping your fandom flask discrete on your persons.

Tri colored Stained, with black stain on the textured background and an antique saddle tan for the rest of the flask cover. The emblems are, highlighted with metallic and non metallic paint respective to each divisions emblem. The leather is laced up the backside with black elastic cord that allows you to slide the leather cover off, to make for an easy time for cleaning your flask. Leather is sealed with acrylic resolene making it water-repellent, but not resistant.

A perfect gift for A Cosplayer, or any other Attack on Titan Fan. If you’d like one of these Handmade Attack on Titan Leather Flasks, you’ll need to request it through my Etsy Shop.

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