The Alchemist – OOAK Gnome ArtDoll

This was my third Artdoll.  And not long after creating him I gave him a makeover in the fashion department.  I hadn’t been happy about the way his costume had turned out, it was a mess of cheesecloth and chains; and to put it bluntly, it looked horrible.  So I took him back to his birthday suit and redid his clothing, sewing a little vest and hood for him.  And I think he looks a lot better now.

He’s still looking for a place to call his own, he prefers a place where he can get to information and a kitchen to gather supplies.  If you’d think your home would be a good place, you can adopt over at my Etsy Shop.

The Alchemist: This Gremlin enjoys working mostly at night. His vile flows in the dark for a little late night reading or to light his way when rummaging for ingredients to use in his alchemy experiments. This is a One of a Kind Art Doll with head, hands, and feet sculpted with polymer clay. A posable figure that can add personality to your home or office. For indoor display only. He measures almost 14 inches tall.

He is NOT A TOY, but a posable sculpture. He is One of a Kind hand sculpted art doll. He will never be duplicated. No molds or casts were used or taken. This is a handcrafted figure and is a collectible and is not intended as a toy.

Standing at 14 inches tall, his hand dyed clothing is permanent. Moss and mushrooms grow from his head and toes. His legs, arms, spine and head are all posable.  He’s a great companion and will keep an out at home.