The Traveler – OOAK Troll ArtDoll

This was the second polymer clay art doll that I ever made.  He also was a ton of fun to create and my father use to joke that it looked exactly like him.  I’m not quite sure about that, but perhaps it’s the cheeks and the belly.  He’s still looking for a place to call his own, so go check him out on my Etsy Shop.

This is a One of a Kind Art Doll with head, hands, and feet sculpted with polymer clay. A poseable figure that can add personality to your home or office. He measures almost 12 inches tall.

He is NOT A TOY, but a posable sculpture. He is One of a Kind hand sculpted art doll. He will never be duplicated. No molds or casts were used or taken. This is a handcrafted figure and is a collectible and is not intended as a toy.

Standing at 11 inches tall (with his staff he’s 12.5″ tall), his hand dyed clothing is permanent. Moss grows from his head and toes, and he uses his Mushroom to protect his bald little head during his travels. His legs, arms, spine and head are all posable.

He’s a great companion and will keep an out at home. He’s an elf that can sit on a shelf, or a gnome that likes to roam your home, even a troll on a stroll. He is what you make him.